Parking Lot Striping

asphalt paved parking lotWhen you own or operate a commercial parking lot in Salt Lake City, you want to keep it in good condition. That means regular asphalt repair and sealing, but it also means striping. Without asphalt striping, your parking lot can be the repeated scene of chaos for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Asphalt Striping for Parking Spaces

When you think of asphalt striping, the first thing that comes to mind is probably parking spaces. It’s the reason most of our customers request striping. When you want parking spaces striped, you must decide if you want them angled or straight.

Angled spaces are good because you can fit more cars in the lot and because they are easier to pull into and out of than straight spaces. With straight spaces, it’s harder for drivers to make that sharp, 90-degree turn. Additionally, you will have more congestion due to the number of drivers who are compelled to back into these spaces.

However, if you have angled spaces, the traffic must flow only one way in each row. A number of drivers will be challenged by this and travel the wrong way down the lanes.

A third type of parking space striping is for parallel parking. This is usually confined to municipal streets, but not always.

Asphalt Striping for Purposes Other Than Parking

As part of your asphalt striping project, you may need more than parking spaces striped. One common reason for asphalt striping is to show drivers where they are not supposed to park. This is usually denoted by angled stripes inside of a box. WM Asphalt sometimes also stencils “No Parking” in these areas, though unfortunately some drivers are not deterred by this.

Most asphalt striping is yellow or white, but when we paint handicapped parking spaces, we often use blue. The blue background with the overlay of a wheelchair user in white or yellow is recognized across the country.

Asphalt striping for crosswalks is also important. This is often done in yellow or white.

If you own a commercial property, parking garage or residential building in Salt Lake City, we can stencil numbers or names in the spaces to further help control and regulate parking.

Asphalt Maintenance

It’s important to get your asphalt re-striped regularly so that drivers and pedestrians can clearly see where they are supposed to park, drive and walk. At night especially, it can be hard to see lines in a parking lot.

Professional asphalt maintenance — including restriping with reflective paint — keeps your parking lot and the people who use it safer.

WM Asphalt of Salt Lake City

The team at WM Asphalt provides not only asphalt striping services, but also asphalt repair and sealing. It’s important to repair cracked asphalt right away and seal it on a regular basis, because water is asphalt’s biggest enemy. Once water penetrates your asphalt structure, it goes through the freeze/thaw cycle, and this causes frost heaves and other damage.

Contact WM Asphalt today for all your asphalt driveway and parking lot needs.