Drain Box Installation

empty parking lot with asphalt patchWater is the enemy of your parking lot, driveway or other paved surface. In order to keep your pavement in optimal condition for as long as possible, you must ensure water doesn’t pool on the surface. One way to achieve this is to consult with WM Asphalt of Salt Lake City about getting drain boxes installed.

Why Water Is Bad for Asphalt & Concrete

Asphalt is more porous than concrete, but both are vulnerable to water damage. Once water penetrates either of these mediums, it can do damage. Especially in winter, the water from rain or melting snow can freeze when temperatures drop overnight. The ice expands, putting pressure on the asphalt or concrete, eventually causing cracking.

Once your asphalt or concrete is cracked, that allows more water to get in and cause further damage. That is why we recommend to our customers that they get asphalt repair as soon as they notice cracks in their pavement. This greatly extends the life of your paved surface. Commercial clients with large paved areas often contract with us for ongoing asphalt maintenance so all cracks are repaired quickly.

Catch Basins & Drain Boxes

Some residential driveways are sloped toward the street, so rainwater and snowmelt runs into the gutter. But on flat surfaces, the water might not have anywhere to go. Pavement should be installed with a slight slope so that water easily runs off, but this doesn’t always happen.

Sometimes there is no grass or earth nearby to absorb the water. Other times the paved structure is so large and the vehicles that drive on it are so heavy that dips form that collect water.

To be safe, it is best to have WM Asphalt install drain boxes to collect the water from your paved surface. Ideally, these boxes are connected to pipes that drain into a local sewer system, but in rural areas, they can be directed to an area of land that can absorb the water.

If your parking lot or driveway is plagued by water from underground that rises to the surface and puts pressure on your structure, WM Asphalt can install French drains. A French drain is a long, narrow drain installed in a trench that relieves hydrostatic pressure on your asphalt structure.

Asphalt Maintenance in Salt Lake City

Your asphalt parking lot or driveway is an investment. It is important to both the look and function of your property, and it’s financially smart to keep it in the best condition possible so that it lasts a long time. This includes regular asphalt maintenance at your Salt Lake City home or business, such as crack sealing, seal coating and patching. These services improve your structure’s resistance to water infiltration and other damage.

Also rely on WM Asphalt for asphalt striping services for parking lots throughout the Salt Lake City area. If your customers can’t clearly see the lines on the pavement, they will park haphazardly, increasing the odds of accidents in your parking lot and reducing the space in which to park.

Call WM Asphalt today to make an appointment for drain installation or other asphalt repair or maintenance tasks.