Crack Sealing & Asphalt Repair

parking lot with sealed cracksAlthough asphalt is an extremely durable material, it still requires regular maintenance. Your asphalt parking lots, roads and driveways are an investment, and you want to get the most out of them that you can. For that reason, you should schedule regular asphalt repair for any cracks that form in your structures. WM Asphalt provides asphalt repair services to residential homes, commercial businesses and municipal facilities throughout Salt Lake City.

What’s the Hurry for Asphalt Repair?

Asphalt only remains strong and sturdy if it’s protected. Water is asphalt’s enemy. When water infiltrates the asphalt to the foundation underneath, it causes all kinds of problems, including frost heaves. Water undermines the entire asphalt structure, leading to an early demise.

We recommend asphalt sealing on a regular schedule to keep water out and to keep your surface even and smooth. But when cracks form in the surface, this breaks the seal and allows water in.

What causes asphalt to crack? Often, it can be vehicles driving on the structure that are too heavy for it. Also, the pressure exerted on the asphalt by turning wheels put stress on the structure. Asphalt that gets a lot of heavy use is bound to crack at some point.

But with asphalt, eventually cracks will happen. You will significantly mitigate the damage by getting asphalt repair for cracks as soon as possible — before water infiltrates the surface.

Can You Prevent Asphalt Cracks?

You can’t avoid asphalt cracks indefinitely, but there are some steps you can take to keep your asphalt from cracking prematurely.

Residential customers who have asphalt driveways can lengthen the life of their structure by parking their cars in different spots so as not to stress the same area. This isn’t practical for commercial lots, which generally need more asphalt maintenance and repairs.

Getting your asphalt surface sealed yearly can also help prevent cracks from forming. At this time, we also inspect your surface and make any recommendations for repairs we believe are necessary.

While it’s not practical for commercial lots, if you have a small driveway, you can lengthen its life by washing it down once a week. This helps remove dirt and debris buildup, which could hasten cracking.

Asphalt Paving Services in Salt Lake City

When you notice cracks in your asphalt, call the team at WM Asphalt. We’ll send someone over to inspect the damage and give you an estimate. We offer one-time repairs, or, for best results, you can enter into a maintenance contract in which you can call us anytime to repair your cracked asphalt. This is especially advantageous for stores with busy parking lots.

With the proper routine maintenance for your parking lot, road or driveway, you can avoid having to repave sooner than necessary. However, all structures eventually need repaving, and when that time comes, count on WM Asphalt of Salt Lake City. We provide asphalt repair services, seal coat, paving and asphalt maintenance throughout the Salt Lake City area.