Sealcoating Services

Asphalt is a strong, durable and affordable option for paving surfaces. While some people opt for concrete for residential walkways and driveways, when it comes to large structures such as commercial parking lots and roads, asphalt is the better choice. To keep your asphalt functioning well and looking great, it’s important to get regular asphalt sealing. WM Asphalt provides asphalt repair, maintenance and sealing in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas.

Asphalt’s Life Span

With proper asphalt maintenance, your asphalt parking lot, driveway or other structure could last 20 years or longer, depending on usage. As a resident of the Salt Lake City area, you have likely seen asphalt roads marred by potholes and asphalt parking lots filled with cracks, chips and dents.

Because many roads get a lot more use than a residential driveway, they tend to break down faster. Likewise, commercial parking lots may host 18-wheelers and other heavy equipment that stresses the asphalt. Over time, unsealed asphalt will begin to degrade and break down. That’s why asphalt maintenance is important.

collage of asphalt paved driveways

Crackseal for Asphalt

If you see cracks in your asphalt structure, you should get them repaired right away. Cracks in asphalt they allow water to penetrate the structure where it begins to erode the material. Call WM Asphalt for intermittent crack repair, or contract with us for regularly scheduled repair of all cracks.

Asphalt Sealing in SLC

One asphalt maintenance technique that can greatly help to extend the life of your asphalt structure is seal coating. Seal coat provides protection for your asphalt from water, the heat of the sun and liquids that may spill on it including oil and gas.

You may notice seal coat for sale when you shop in big box stores. Some owners of residential asphalt driveways may try asphalt sealing on their own. However, this is ill advised. Not all seal coat is made the same. The seal coat that is applied to your asphalt should be chosen based on your needs. If you run an auto repair shop, your needs will be different from those of a large retailer or a small mom-and-pop shop owner.

WM Asphalt has decades of experience with asphalt maintenance, repair and seal coating in Salt Lake City. We ask our customers about how their asphalt structure is used, then we choose the best seal coat for their needs.

Additionally, asphalt sealing is a skill and attempting it as a novice will not yield the same results as using a professional asphalt sealing company.

Best Salt Lake City Asphalt Services

Depend on WM Asphalt for all your asphalt sealing needs in Salt Lake City, as well as asphalt repair, maintenance, patching and bollard and drain box installation and repair. Our customers love us for our professionalism, skill, reliability and customer service. Call today.