Concrete Parking Blocks

parking lot construction using concrete blocksWith parking lots, too often drivers have trouble parking properly in the spaces striped on the asphalt. Help your customers park safely and protect your buildings and landscaping at the same time by having WM Asphalt install and paint parking blocks for your lot. We provide asphalt maintenance, repair, patching, sealing and striping throughout the Salt Lake City area.

Mistakes Drivers Can Make

When drivers park in a striped space in a parking lot, they often pull into the space too far. At the very least, this impacts the ability of other customers to park properly in the space across from that space. At worst, customers can do some serious damage to your property.

Some properties have a sidewalk or other landscaping feature around the perimeter of the building that helps protect it in the event that customers pull too far into parking spaces. If you have nothing between your parking spaces and your building, you’re taking a risk.

Drivers who are poor judges of spacing may pull so far into a space that their car bumps into your building. This can damage your building either by breaking the exterior or scraping the finish or paint. Keeping up with repairs to your building’s exterior can get expensive.

Worse are the hapless drivers parked up against your building who put their car in gear, look over their shoulder, step on the gas and — crash right into your building because the transmission is in drive instead of reverse. This can also be an issue in a parking lot where your customers park their cars nose to nose.

Less expensive but still annoying is when your parking spaces butt up against your landscaping. If you have bushes, flowers or other plants, your customers can inadvertently destroy them by pulling too far into a space. Even if you have only grass, your property’s aesthetic appeal will suffer if it’s full of mud and ruts.

How Concrete Parking Blocks Help

When you contact WM Asphalt to install concrete parking blocks, you’re investing in not only your parking lot and landscaping, but also your buildings and property.

You may choose to have us install concrete parking blocks at the top of every space, or just the ones that are causing problems in your parking lot. We affix each block to the pavement with two anchors, which prevents the blocks from moving if drivers run into them.

You can choose to leave your concrete parking blocks their natural gray color, or we can paint them the color of your choice. Most of our customers prefer white or yellow, which helps make the blocks stand out better.

Asphalt Repair Services in Salt Lake City

WM Asphalt provides all types of asphalt repair services for commercial and residential clients — including asphalt maintenance, asphalt sealing and commercial concrete repair — throughout the greater Salt Lake City area.